The anesthesiologist will examine you after you decide on the operation. In order to select and apply the most appropriate anesthesia technique for you, it is very important that you have clear, complete and correct answers to all the questions you are being asked during the preoperative anesthesia consultation.

-Problems you have experienced if you have taken anesthesia before
-All your allergic conditions; medicine, food etc.
-A history of clot formation in the leg veins and in pulmonary vessels
must be reported from the past.

If necessary, the anesthesiologist will request different tests from the previous ones. If you are considered appropriate for operation in terms of anesthesia, you will be given all the detailed information and asked to read and sign the Information Consent Form for anesthesia.

The anesthesiologist will be at your bedside during the operation time. He / she will be aware of your previous or ongoing health problems, and will keep a close track with you.

Laparascopic gastric sleeve surgery is performed under a general anesthesia (full a sleep method) . All your vital signs will be kept under control during the operation. Medications such as muscle relaxants, painkillers and nausea will be applied during your sleep.

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