Obesity Before After Gallery

Thanks to hundreds of our patients who walked with us on the adventure of being "Thinner And Happier". Thanks to our friends who were kind enough to share their results with us.

Obesity Image Gallery

Adnan Adnan
Alexander Alexander
Ali Ali
Amela Amela
Arzu Arzu
Asime Asime
Aslı Aslı
Ayhan Ayhan
Ayşe Ayşe
Ayşegül a Ayşegül a
AyşegülK AyşegülK
Baha Baha
Bahtiyar Bahtiyar
Begüm Begüm
Berfin Berfin
Berk i Berk i
Berk k Berk k
Burcu Burcu
BurcuMn BurcuMn
Cengiz Cengiz
Çiğdem Çiğdem
Damla Damla
DamlaD DamlaD
Dilara d Dilara d
Dilara Dilara
Duru Duru
Duygu Duygu
Ebru Ebru
Ece Ece
Elis Elis
Emel Emel
EmineB EmineB
Enes Enes
Erhan Erhan
EsraZ EsraZ
Fatma Fatma
Ferhat Ferhat
Gonca Gonca
Görkem Görkem
Gülay Gülay
Gülayşe Gülayşe
Haissam Haissam
Hakan Hakan
Hamdi Hamdi
Handan Handan
Hatice Hatice
HaticeA HaticeA
Hüseyin Hüseyin
İlker İlker
İnci İnci
İsmail İsmail
Kısmet Kısmet
Korhan Korhan
Mahmood Mahmood
Marjan Marjan
MehmetK MehmetK
Merve Merve
Miray Miray
MuratA MuratA
MuratF MuratF
MuratS MuratS
Naz Naz
Nazlı Nazlı
Nebuş Nebuş
Nermin Nermin
NerminG NerminG
Neslihan Neslihan
Nesrin Nesrin
Nezaha Nezaha
Nihan Nihan
Okan Okan
Onur Onur
OnurD OnurD
OnurM OnurM
Özge Özge
Ramazan Ramazan
RamazanP RamazanP
Rana Rana
Rukiye Rukiye
Sabriye Sabriye
Sedef Sedef
Selma Selma
Semra Semra
Serdar Serdar
Zekiye Zekiye
Sevgi Sevgi
Yusuf Yusuf
SevgiHatice SevgiHatice
Yiğit Yiğit
Sılanur Sılanur
Ünzile Ünzile
Kamilla Kamilla
Sibel Sibel
Uğur Uğur
Surfinia Surfinia
Tuul Tuul
Şahinder Şahinder
Diba Diba
Tomris Tomris
Şehnaz Şehnaz