According to the World Health Organization "Obesity is the accumulation of abnormal or excesive fat in the body to the extent that disrupts the human' s health."

OVYH2 - KopyaAlthough overweight is initially seen only as a "physical image problem", it is considered a medical illness at a point when a certain weight limit is exceeded.

Obesity, on the one hand, paves the way for other physical illnesses, and on the other hand, leads to increasingly severe social and psychological problems.

As a result, obesity turns into a focus that negatively affects the person's life and his / her environment.

Therefore, treatment of obesity is much more than just a beauty enhancer, it is primary a necessity for protecting and maintaining human's health.

In the treatment of disease-graded obesity, the chance of long lasting success with diet and exercise therapies is less than 5%. It has been clearly demonstrated that obesity surgical approach is superior in the treatment of such patients.

♣ Hundreds of thousands of obesity patients in the world have the chance to regain their health (mental, physical and social well-being) every year.

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