When deciding on the center for the treatment of obesity, the facilities and equipment of the hospital, the organization of the team that will carry out the follow-up before and after the operation, and the experience of the surgeon performing the surgery should be taken into consideration.

-The surgeon who will perform the operation should have advanced laparoscopic surgery (closed operation) experience.

-The surgeon who will perform the surgery should be trained in this field by attending courses, seminars and congresses on obesity surgery and should be enriched with knowledge on contemporary medicine.

-Obesity treatment should be carried out by a specified professional team: (surgeon, internal medicine specialist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, chest specialist, psychiatrist, anesthesiologist, dietitian, nurse, patient consultant).

-Obesity operations require a thorough preparation approach first of all, always having in mind the importancy of the operation, forseeing rare but possible occurence of complications during and after the operation period accompanied by well organised long-term postoperative follow-up for every patient. These steps should be given into the hands of a reliable team designated for the obesity treatment consisted of full time employees working in a prominent well-equipped hospital on a recognisible location.

laparoskopi2-Acknowledging obesity as a complex of diseases that have negative effects on all organs and systems, the hospital doing obesity surgery should have specialists and equipment from all medical branches.

-It is highly important that the operating room of the hospital is managed by surgical and anesthesia team experienced in dealing with surgeries having high difficulty degree .

-The hospital should be supplied with all kinds of intensive care facilities that can be mobilized immediately if necessary during and after the operation for utilization and there should be an anesthesia and intensive care specialist in the hospital 24/7.

-Gastroenterology and radiology specialists who can perform endoscopic and radiological interventions should be available on duty in the center where the surgery is being performed.

-The patients should be able to reach the hospital team 7 days 24 hours long, only by making one telephone call during the preparation and follow-up periods.

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