Most patients achieve great weight-loss results after the sleeve gastric surgery . In general, the slimming rate is about 80% of the overweight.

Most of the weight loss occurs within the first six months. Rest of the slimming process continues with slower intensity in following one year. Then, the weight usually remains at constant level.


For example, for a patient who's height is 160 cm (5.2 ft) and weighs 124 kg (19.5 st), the ideal upper limit of weight is 64 kg (10 st) and the excess weight is 60 kg (9.5 st). It is expected for the patient to lose 80% of his/her excesive weight with obesity surgery, which means he/she will be able to lose 48 kilos (7.5 st) and be 76 kilos (12 st).

It is almost impossible not to lose weight after sleeve gastric surgery. Most of the patients reach their ideal weight, still some of them might experience insufficient weight-loss.

The reports of follow-ups made to large patients`group, provide an evidence of high rate of weight-loss sustainability in the long-term (85-90%). Few of the patients might regain weight in long term. The chance of returning to the initial pre-operative weight is 1%.

1058336_620x410As with all the obesity surgeries, there is no fixed weight loss value guaranteed for sleeve gastric surgery either.

Laparoscopic sleeve gastric surgery surprisingly lowers appetite, considerably slows down the eating speed . As a result of this, the portion of food that can be eaten at a meal is greatly reduced. The psychology of patients who easily begin to lose weight gives fast positive feedback..

In a short period of time, restricted daily life, malnutrition and inactivity cycles are being taken out of daily routine. Creation of healthy lifestyle becomes reality.

Better results are obtained in patients who have a regular daily routine , eat in balanced manner and in ones who do sports after the surgery.

Uğur C. 34 years old 68 kg in 18 months Lives in Antalya, Sleeve Gastrectomy Patient March 2015 October 2016 Lighter and Happier

Esma S. 31 years old 38kg in 8 months Lives in Antalya, Sleeve Gastrectomy Patient December 2015 September 2016






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