At the end of the surgery, you will be awakened under close anesthesiologist supervision following all your vital functions. After you are considered safely awakened from the surgery, you will be taken to your room after being kept under upclosed observation for about half an hour.

Breathe in as deeply as you can from the moment you come back to yourself. This will help you in protection of your lung function.


It is more convenient to lie in a semi-sitting position with your raised waist up. It is recommended that you become bed sitted as soon as possible.

It is possible that you stand up on your feet and take a few steps in your room within a few hours, as walking is very useful for fast recovery.

When you wake up from gastric sleeve surgery you will have only 3 key hole marks withouut any drains or tubes.

However, if you have bypass surgery, there will be 3 or 4 key hole marks and with a thin tube from one of tha key hole with a diameter of half an centimeter coming out of your stomach. There is no pain feeling while it stays attached or when it is pulled out after a few days.

In case an air canal (nasogastric catheter) extending from the mouth or nose to the stomach is used during the operation, it is removed before patient is awake at the end of the operation.

Some patients with problems like cardiac arrhythmia , transient respiratory arrest in sleep, or patients in advanced age requiring closer follow-up, may need to be transferred to intensive care after awakening from surgery.

The anesthesiologist decides on this depending on patient's conditions. Intensive care patients are usually transferred to the normal room the following morning after one night of follow-up. This is a very rare case to be seen.

In order to prevent clot formation in the leg veins, some patients are put on with anti-embolism socks and worn until discharge. In some patients, an air leg compression device is applied when the surgery begins.

Painkillers and nausea are routinely administered by the nurses. On the evening of the surgery, there may be shoulder pain and slight body pain due to the minor incisions, which last for several hours due to abdominal distension during surgery. Some patients may have nausea and retching. These can be controlled with medicines. Relaxation is expected within couple of hours.

There is no consensus among surgeons about the time to outcommence drinking water after surgery. In our own practice so far, we get the patients start drinking water the day after the surgery.

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