Hospitalization is forseen for the day prior to operation day in case you have all your preparations completed already without having any additional problems demanding earlier hospitalization.

It is mandatory that you start your fast after midnight the night before surgery, without eating or drinking anything including water until the time of surgery.

It is advisable to take a shower and bring your personal belongings with you. Bring all your previously used medication to the hospital. Do not discontinue your old medication without informing your surgeon and anesthesiologist. Do not start on new medications.

During the admission process, different officers will repeatedly ask you the similar or the same questions. You will be required to read and sign the Information Consent Form about the surgical procedure and some other written consents.

These procedures may be boring for you, but these records are very important in order to keep all your undergoing processes under control without any confusion.

MjE4NTA4OD-milli-emlak-satis-dilekcesiYou will be taken to the operating room after being dressed into the operation scrub. After being awaited for a while in the preparation room for identity and final operational controls, you will be taken to the operating room.

After being taken onto the operating table, your body and arms will be connected to monitors desplaying your current heart rate and oxygen level state. You will be asked to breathe through a mask the moment medications are being added to your serum and you will be put a sleep.

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