Revision surgery can be the second chance of patients if they couldn't have sufficient results with their obesity surgeries in long term.

At least ten percent 10 of obesity surgery patients can come across the posibility of revision surgery.

Most of the patients can easily lose weight after obesity surgery. Health conditions dramatically improve and active lifestlye becomes possible.

Some patients may regain weight after years and have obesity related health problems again. In this case, revision surgery can provide long term succes for weight loss.

There can be several reasons for the failure of first operation. Despite the operation is same, surgeons can use different techniques for application.

For instance, in Sleeeve Gastrectomy the stomach might be reduced less than it should be. In Gastric Band, band itself can slip of the place. In Gastric Bypass, the length o bypassed part of the instestine can be different from surgeon to surgeon.

In some cases, the source of problem can be the patient. He/she might lose the discipline of nutrition or lack of exercise and physical activity.

In general, obesity surgery can provide a practical solution. However, the main factor that remains patients health conditions good is the change of lifestyle in the right direction.

Obesity surgeries can bring very strict rules and restrictions in the beginning yet these lrestrictions and rules stretch by the adaptation capability of the body. For example, binge eating can cause enlargement of the reduced stomach.

It is actually simple to keep the form after weight loss. The right choice of food sources, having small portions and daily exercise is enough.

In conclusion, revision surgery should be considered if the weight gain is progressive and the body mass index reaches to the limit of 35.

There are several types of revision surgery.

  • Combination of gastric band removal and sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass
  • Revising sleeve gastrectomy to gastric bypass
  • Revising the length of instestine (prevented to meet the food that was intaken) that was skipped in the previously done gastric bypass.

These surgeries are definitely more complex and difficult than the previously done surgeries. But, the effort is worth the complexity when it comes to the results.

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