Because it is simple, easy and effective.

-Single bridging in the digestive system is easier and safer to be performed.

-There is no need for permanent placement of a foreign object or denture in the body.

-The lower part of the stomach with important functions (antrum and pylorus) is preserved.

-Supplies endoscopic examination of the whole digestive system if necessary.

-There is no intestinal portion that is completely excluded. Therefore, the lack of substances such as calcium, folic acid, iron caused by the exclusion of some parts of the intestine during the operations such as RNYGB, BPD-DS does not occur in bipartition. Severe malabsorption is not noticed in loop bipartition.

Although it is a relatively simple operation, its success in weight loss and sugar control is similar to that of biliopancreatic diversion + duodenal switch surgery, which is a risky, difficult and complex design known as the most effective operation. In patients with type 2 diabetes who underwent loop bipartition, the rate of normalised blood glucose levels is over 90% in 3 months after surgery. The most commonly used surgery for obesity tube stomache (Sleeve gastrectomy) owns the recovery rate of diabetes of around 60%.

-The patients' ideal weight reduction rate is 75% after 6 months and 90% after 1 year.

-Nutrition problems are at minimal level.

-If necessary, it can be easily converted to some of the other types of surgery.

-The ability of the food to go in two different ways minimizes vitamin-mineral deficiencies and the risk of surgical complications.

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