As with all obesity operations, type 2 diabetes patients should undergo a full check-up of all systems in a fully-equipped center. At these patients, endocrinology consultation is more important than the obesity operation itself in terms of the necessity of the surgery and the chance for an outcome with success.

As for the condition of type 2 diabetes, the tests such as Fasting Blood Sugar, Fasting Insulin Level, HbA1c Level followed by C-peptide test in terms of pancreatic insulin production capacity should be performed.

In addition, close monitoring and management by endocrinology specialist of the blood glucose level changes are essential during the operation period, especially having in mind that those changes are effected by the surgery and the psychological stress factors of it.

In addition, it is necessary that in the preoperative examination all the complications that diabetes may cause from the kidneys to the eye, from the nervous system to the vascular system are taken under consideration. These examinations provide both a condition detection and a precautionary procedure which enable a problem-free operation period.

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