DIABETUS MELLITUS, popularly known as SUGAR DISEASE is a disease that gets aroused by the high blood sugar level. The cause is lack of INSULIN hormon production by the pancreas, or decreased INSULIN efficiency inside the tissues even if it can be produced.

For posing the diagnosis of diabetes
- fasting blood sugar level above 126 mg / dL,
- the HbA1c levels showing blood sugar course in recent months in state over 6.5%
- blood sugar that is randomly tested or measured 2 hours after a meal should be above 200 mg/dL.

The role of insulin hormone is to enable the use of sugar in the blood by mediating the entry of sugar molecules into the cells. If the amount of insulin is low or insufficient, sugar cannot be utilized by the cells and the blood sugar level rises. This leads to a malfunction of many organs or system`s disorders.

About one in 11 adults in the world is suffering from diabetes. The number of diabetics has increased more than 10 times in the last 50 years. In Turkey there is an estimation of about 8 million of diabetic people from whose only half are getting proper diagnose-treatment of diabetes patients. The risks of kidney disease, heart attack, limb loss, paralysis and vision loss are increased at diabetes patients.

5 to 10% of all health expenditures in the world are spent on the treatment of diabetes-related complications. It is estimated that the health expenditures of people with diabetes are around 2-3 times higher than the health expenditures of people without diabetes.

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