The operation requires hospitalization of at least 5 days: 1 day checkup, 1 day surgery, 3 days postoperative stay in hospital.

Before being hospitalized for surgery, the patient should be first of all evaluated by the endocrinology department for the type of diabetes, insulin reserve, potential benefit from the surgery, and for the presence of co-hormonal-metabolic diseases.

In case of any problems emerged as a result of diabetes complications, or kidney function disorders that could affect the course of the surgery and the healing process, those should be stabilised as soon as possible before the surgery.

The preoperation check-up package is consisted of the following routinely performed controls: (ECG, Echocardiography, Effort test) in Cardiovascular diseases, (Pulmonary Function Tests) in Chest diseases, endoscopy in Gastroenterology , upper abdominal ultrasonography in Radiology consultations.

Finally, an Anesthesiologist and Reanimation Specialist provides the final evaluation before obtaining green light for the surgery .

Hospitalization is appropriate 1 day before surgery. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia with closed (laparoscopic) technique. It takes about 2 hours. A drain is about to be extended out of the operational point, so there is no need left for any stomach or urinary catheter attachment.

Patients can walk 4 hours after surgery and drink water the next day. Regular breathing exercises and walks are required from them.

Every next morning after the surgery, blood check ups are done and operation post-effects are closely monitored. Abdominal tomography is taken on the second postoperative day controling the operated inner part . Subsequently, liquid foods other than water are put into use.

On the third day after the operation, a dietician consultation is conducted and supportive post-operational medications treatments are arranged. The patient is discharged by giving detailed information about the post-discharge period and by providing a list of control dates and examinations which should be undertaken subsequently.

A few weeks of home rest is enough before returning to work and normal daily life after discharge. As for all obesity surgery patients, nutrition with liquids and soft foods is recommended for the first month. Starting from the second month, it is possible to gradually switch to solid foods that require chewing.

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